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Press Release

New Delhi, India, June 16, 2016, Mr. Aswani Kumar (Armyman, International coach, and referee) will conduct training from 7 June onward. Participants will also get a chance to practice with International medallist fencers.   Pegasus Royal Fencing Club (P.R.F.C), a Delhi based fitness and fencing club are organizing a national fencing summer camp in Dilli Haat Janakpuri providing Delhi youth a chance to have their very own sword fencing classes in Delhi NCR.     Pegasus Royal Fencing [...] about Pegasus Royal Fencing Club

New Delhi, India, June 16, 2016 –(– Mr. Aswani Kumar (Armyman, International coach and referee) will conduct training from 7 June onward. Participants will also get a chance to practice with International medallist fencers. All students will have to carry their own fencing equipment. If they don’t have their own fencing equipment, the club can help them procure the same. The training fee that is being charged for the class is 1200 rupees for 12 classes. If participants are travelling [...]

A story from Vitali Nazlymov

Thank you for sharing it Vitali Nazlymov Last weekend, visiting Columbus for my mother’s 70th anniversary, I made the mistake of asking Vladimir his thoughts on upcoming sabre rules changes. To my kids’ dissatisfaction, we all ended up in the gym in no time. Vladimir must have been in some pensive/pondering mode, as what followed was a series of questions. I put together this 100-second compilation to help those who are interested give it some thought on their own. Keep in [...]

Historical Development of Fencing Sports

Historical Development of Fencing Sports The historical development of fencing parallels the advancement of human race, from the times of antiquated Egypt and Rome, to the savage Dim Ages, to the quick and exquisite Renaissance, up to the cutting edge, progressively well-known fencing of today. Fencing has dependably been viewed as more than a game; it is a work of art, an antiquated image of force and transcendence, and a profoundly individual, singular type of expression. Fencing is and dependably [...]

Unfolding of modern day fencing

The unfolding of modern-day fencing The fifteenth century brought the beginnings of modern fencing. Spain had the first true fencers, and the first two fencing manuals were published there in 1471 and 1474, but swordplay guilds such as the Marxbruder from Germany began springing up all across Europe. About 1500 the Italians began extensive use of the Rapier. The right hand held te weapon while the left hand held a dagger (often called a Main Gauche) or buckler (a small [...]

Journey to OLYMPIC

Fencing is one of only four sports that have been on every modern Olympic program since 1896. The men’s foil and saber events were on the 1896 program and the epee was added in 1900. But, because of major disagreements about the rules, France and Italy refused to compete in 1912. The Fédération Internationale d’Escrime, founded in 1913 to standardize rules, is the governing body for international fencing, including the Olympics. The women’s foil competition has been on the Olympic [...]

What is Sword Fencing?

In last few posts we covered how fencing has traveled from war sword fight to modern days Olympic in post – Historical Development of Fencing Unfolding of modern day Fencing Journey to OLYMPIC Lets get into technicalities. We will cover what all is needed in fencing as game and then next couple of post we will cover each of the discipline in fencing. The sport of fencing is an art of strength and strategy, unlike the choreographed bouts one sees in movies [...]

What is Foil Sword fencing?

As per Alexander Massialas I would describe Sword fencing foil as probably the most similar to classic dual of modern age. For visual please refer the video – Video by Alexander Massialas Target areas – BIB, Back, Torso, The Blade – 90 cm, It is made of special steel. It is stiff for manoeuvrability, flexible for flick attacks The uniform – Since past it has always been white and includes Mask, Lame, Shoes, Breeches, Glove, Jacket Fencers are identified by the flag on the uniform mask [...]

What is Épée Sword Fencing?

The epee, pronounced as “EPP-pay” is actually a descendant of the dueling sword. Features of foil weapon – Like foil it is 35 inches in length But it is heavier than foil, weighing approximately 27 ounces It has larger guard to protect the hand from a valid hit A stiffer blade Target area of Épée weapon – The entire body is valid target area Touches are scored only with the point of blade Uniform of a Épée fencer – It includes a metallic vest which is also called Lame. It covers [...]

What is Sabre Sword Fencing?

If you take it literally sabre is the oldest way of sword dueling. It is modified modern version of past slashing cavalry sword. Like epee, Sabre weapon also has hand protection but molded as bell guard. A socket for body wire is found underneath the bell guard The entire standard weapon is about 41 inches and of maximum weight of 500g. It is shorter than foil and epee and lighter than the epee The target area of Sabre weapon – The major difference [...]

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