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We have highly skilled and professionals fencing coaches who teach students from various backgrounds how to fence for the last two years. Currently, we conduct the classes at different locations within Delhi and Gurgaon.

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Fencing Benefits

Why join one of our classes?



Hard work and dedication

It encourages tenacity and rewards courage and well-thought risks. It also develops respect for one’s self and one’s peers. It teaches children that hard work and perseverance matter.


Fitness and Health

While Fencing is a whole-body workout, it improves coordination, agility, balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.  


Decisions making 

When a fencer comes into the fencing hall, he starts to make decisions. In the individual lessons, in friendly bouts, and competitions.  



Quick Reflexes

When a fencer involves in any fencing exercises, he required lots of quick reflection like parry riposte, counter-attack, renewed attack, etc. 


Competitive Sport

Fencing is divided into three competitive categories which are the foil, the épée, and the sabre.


One of Safest Sport

When it comes to injuries during a competition, fencing is the safest sport. Compared to other sports like soccer, basketball, or gymnastics, fencing has a shallow injury rate. It is proved in Olympic research that fencing is safer than badminton.



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The best fencing coaching classes in Delhi NCR. They have highly skilled and world-class dedicated trainers and coaches.

Ankit Kumar

Club where your dreams come true with dedicated teachers

Ruchika Helda