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Journey to OLYMPIC

June 2nd, 2018|

Fencing is one of only four sports that have been on every modern Olympic program since 1896. The men’s foil and saber events were on the 1896 program and the epee was added in 1900. But, because of major disagreements about the rules, France and Italy refused to compete in 1912. The Fédération Internationale d’Escrime, founded in 1913 to standardize rules, is the governing body for international fencing, including the Olympics. The women’s foil competition has been on the Olympic program since 1924. For many years, women fenced only with foils, but the epee was added to the Olympic program in 1996. There are different sets of rules for the three weapons, reflecting the differences in technique that grew out of their historical background. In foils and epee, a touch can be made only with the point of the weapon. The entire body is a valid target for the epee, but in foils a touch can be scored only on a limited [...]

What is Sword Fencing?

June 2nd, 2018|

In last few posts we covered how fencing has traveled from war sword fight to modern days Olympic in post – Historical Development of Fencing Unfolding of modern day Fencing Journey to OLYMPIC Lets get into technicalities. We will cover what all is needed in fencing as game and then next couple of post we will cover each of the discipline in fencing. The sport of fencing is an art of strength and strategy, unlike the choreographed bouts one sees in movies or on live stage show. In a real bout you don’t swing from a chandelier or hang in the balconies, but two fencers perform an intense footwork on a six-fee-by 40-feet strip. The movements and steps of two players are so fast that one has to keep a score through an electric machine called apparatus. Three types of weapons are used in fencing– Foil Epee Sabre One can play in all three categories but each weapon has its own characteristics and way of use [...]

What is Foil Sword fencing?

June 2nd, 2018|

As per Alexander Massialas I would describe Sword fencing foil as probably the most similar to classic dual of modern age. For visual please refer the video – Video by Alexander Massialas Target areas – BIB, Back, Torso, The Blade – 90 cm, It is made of special steel. It is stiff for manoeuvrability, flexible for flick attacks The uniform – Since past it has always been white and includes Mask, Lame, Shoes, Breeches, Glove, Jacket Fencers are identified by the flag on the uniform mask and last name on their back The Bout in sword fencing foil– At the start of the bout, both fencers always hook themselves to the reel, they immediately go to test each other target areas and after that they walk to En-Garde line and salute each other, then they put their mask on and get into their En-Garde position and wait for referee to say “Pret-Allez” The Piste for sword fencing– The bout takes place on a raised piste which is 2 [...]

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