A story from Vitali Nazlymov

//A story from Vitali Nazlymov

A story from Vitali Nazlymov

Thank you for sharing it Vitali Nazlymov

Last weekend, visiting Columbus for my mother’s 70th anniversary, I made the mistake of asking Vladimir his thoughts on upcoming sabre rules changes. To my kids’ dissatisfaction, we all ended up in the gym in no time.

Vladimir must have been in some pensive/pondering mode, as what followed was a series of questions. I put together this 100-second compilation to help those who are interested give it some thought on their own. Keep in mind that the underlying themes are: closer quarters, less runaway speed, more time (which allows fencers to finish a right-of-way action but will also give referees more leeway in making calls).

– Bladework, is it likely to get more or less important/precise?

– Footwork, will left/back foot work more or less?

– Defense, will it become more of a “contact sport” / aggressive or situational?

– Offense, what’s tomorrow’s effective lunge will look like? (can’t go wrong by looking at today’s greats – Szilagui, Zagunis, Kharlan, they are doing it already).

– Ref’s calls – will they become more subjective or less?




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