What is Sword Fencing?

//What is Sword Fencing?

What is Sword Fencing?

In last few posts we covered how fencing has traveled from war sword fight to modern days Olympic in post –

Historical Development of Fencing

Unfolding of modern day Fencing

Journey to OLYMPIC

Lets get into technicalities. We will cover what all is needed in fencing as game and then next couple of post we will cover each of the discipline in fencing.

The sport of fencing is an art of strength and strategy, unlike the choreographed bouts one sees in movies or on live stage show.

In a real bout you don’t swing from a chandelier or hang in the balconies, but two fencers perform an intense footwork on a six-fee-by 40-feet strip.

The movements and steps of two players are so fast that one has to keep a score through an electric machine called apparatus.

Three types of weapons are used in fencing

One can play in all three categories but each weapon has its own characteristics and way of use and player tend to specialize in one of these based on their interest and ease to handle it. Though Nedo Nadi from Italy won 5 medals – both individual and team in 1920 Olympics.

Until recently, in history of sports fencing, women were permitted to compete only in foil. USFA and FIE offer national competitions for epee and Sabre.

Post these national competitions in two countries, in 1989, Women’s epee became part of World Championships. Later in 1996 Olympic Games, women’s epee was introduced as competition in second international and even more prestigious event.

The three weapons differ for the target area. While Foil and epee are similar in terms of point-thrust, Sabre is not only a point-thrusting but also a cutting weapon.

However, all the three weapons required quick-witted strategic fast moves by the player and hence have to be scored electrically.

An object in the fencing bout is nothing but “game”.

We have direct elimination play and preliminary pool play format in fencing. In direct elimination play one player has to effectively score 15 points, while in preliminary pool play one has to score five points on the opponent play before he or she scores that number on first player.

Every contact between weapon and opponent players’ body in target area would earn a point for first player. Direct elimination matches consist of three three-minute periods.

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