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FAQ – Pegasus Royal Fencing Club 2021-09-15T15:20:57+00:00
I already know how to fence. Can I come play at any academy? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Pegasus Royal Fencing club is a training institute. We train students on fitness and fencing steps in a classroom format and do not have pay-and-play format. You would need to join at least for a month. However, you can opt for as less as 2 classes a week. 

Give us a call if you are a fencer and would like to play or to brush up your training or just fence!

Can I practice and bout with my glasses on? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Able to see while practicing and during bout is important, you would need to move fast with swords. Make sure that you wear fitting glasses of good quality that can avoid fogging, falling down or any kind of distraction during practice and bout. If you are comfortable with contact lenses, do make sure that you know who how to maintain them and you are comfortable wearing them.

Do I have to be fit to start fencing? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

It helps being physically fit when you start any sports, but it is certainly not a requirement to start with PRFC. We have students who joins our academy to become fit both physically and mentally. We have special fitness trainers for all our beginners’ students if their fitness level is not upto fencing requirement. Even if you think you are fit, you can still avail our fitness trainer to test your stamina to hold weapon longer and go through whole fencing bout.  Acceptance age of student is 6 years and above.

Do I need prior fencing experience to join academy? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

No. PRFC is a training institute, and we help train our students from different skills, experience. We help students with fitness first before starting on to actual fencing (if they are new to fencing) and provide platform for competitive experienced fencers. 

Do I need to be specific while choosing what to wear for class? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Yes! Fencing is a sport with its own clothing and. To avoid any possibility of injury and best outcome we recommend following for best performance of students – 

Must Wear Avoid
Properly fitting warm-up pants for right body movement and positioning Avoid loose baggy pants that obstruct right body movement and positioning.

Jeans are strictly not allowed as they obstruct full leg movement and right footwork. 

Slim fitting sneakers with laces with flat sole for food balancing and right footwork. Go for fencing specific shoes or badminton shoes as an alternative and regular cross training shoes for fitness exercise Heavy or healed sneakers would cause imbalance, leading to possible injury.

You will not be allowed in class if you are wearing sandals, flip-flops, slip-on’s, street shoes, work boots, etc

Lightweight or moisture absorbing t-shirt under fencing Jackets as fencing jackets don’t breathe (fencing jackets is for body protection from swords hits and lightweight t-shirt underneath is for sweat absorption) No heavy weight or synthetic t-shirt that doesn’t absorb sweat. 
For Girls/Ladies, Sports bra is must for an energetic activity like fencing

Boys/Gentlemen must go for protective cup

Strictly no Shorts. Legs may not be target area, attack mis-landing accident can happen while practicing. Bout will not be allowed in shorts 
I am interested in checking out a class before signing up. 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Yes, a trial class is available, and we recommend a visit to our academy during a regularly scheduled class times. You would get a chance to meet coach, watch classes n progress and participate in usual class activities, ask questions about course. Please give us a call for a trial class. 

Is it safe to join given Corona risk? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Yes, Fencing is a non-contact sport. We strictly follow COVID protocols. All our coaches are fully vaccinated. 

Starting as a beginner, do I need to get my own fencing gear? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

For hygiene and Corona guidelines perspective, you will have to bring your own knee-high socks, gloves, chest protector (for females) and mask. Beginners’ classes are covered in two to four months (four months if you are doing only weekend classes, two months or less if you are appearing for an upcoming competition event.)

If you decide to attend any competition while still a beginner, you will have to arrange your full gear. You may procure your gear through PRFC which has the best equipment at competitive rates. Or you can decide to buy yourself under Coach guidance. 

Is Fencing a dangerous game physically? Is it safe to play fence? 2021-09-26T08:25:19+00:00

Because of all the protective gears and Non sharp swords, it is very much safe to fence if you follow steps/rules requirements of bout. Additionally, fencing weapons are not sharp. Weapons have button at the tip to clock touches during bout. Fencing gears includes multiple layers of protection, that a fencer must wear during practice or actual bout. Furthermore, there is always a class instructor or coach on watch to make sure all the rules of bout and safety measures are executed with maximum safety.