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Fencing for kids: A healthy discipline, a way of life, and a sport par excellence

The knowledge that fencing exists, is slowly, yet surely reaching far and wide. Fencing is one of the first sports to be played at the Olympics and still is a sport featuring in this leading international sporting event. The merits of fencing are noteworthy. Not many a sport come close to this one when it comes to all round development of an individual. Fencing is much more than a sport. It is a way of life. Professionals (clubs, national, international) [...]

What is Sword Fencing?

In last few posts we covered how fencing has traveled from war sword fight to modern days Olympic in post – Historical Development of Fencing Unfolding of modern day Fencing Journey to OLYMPIC Lets get into technicalities. We will cover what all is needed in fencing as game and then next couple of post we will cover each of the discipline in fencing. The sport of fencing is an art of strength and strategy, unlike the choreographed bouts one sees in movies [...]

What is Épée Sword Fencing?

The epee, pronounced as “EPP-pay” is actually a descendant of the dueling sword. Features of foil weapon – Like foil it is 35 inches in length But it is heavier than foil, weighing approximately 27 ounces It has larger guard to protect the hand from a valid hit A stiffer blade Target area of Épée weapon – The entire body is valid target area Touches are scored only with the point of blade Uniform of a Épée fencer – It includes a metallic vest which is also called Lame. It covers [...]

What is Sabre Sword Fencing?

If you take it literally sabre is the oldest way of sword dueling. It is modified modern version of past slashing cavalry sword. Like epee, Sabre weapon also has hand protection but molded as bell guard. A socket for body wire is found underneath the bell guard The entire standard weapon is about 41 inches and of maximum weight of 500g. It is shorter than foil and epee and lighter than the epee The target area of Sabre weapon – The major difference [...]

Sword Fencing, Sports quota and scholarships

Sword Fencing, Sports quota, and scholarships With sky-high percentage cut-offs in Delhi University, it has become exceedingly difficult for students with average marks to get admission in tier-I colleges of Delhi University. The third cut – off list had a threshold of as high as 96% for all the popular courses in all the top colleges like SRCC, LSR, Ramjas, Kirori Mal. Ram Lal Anand College had a cut-off of  91.5% for BA (H) English, and for BA it was [...]