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New Delhi, India, June 16, 2016 –(– Mr. Aswani Kumar (Armyman, International coach and referee) will conduct training from 7 June onward. Participants will also get a chance to practice with International medallist fencers.

All students will have to carry their own fencing equipment. If they don’t have their own fencing equipment, the club can help them procure the same. The training fee that is being charged for the class is 1200 rupees for 12 classes.

If participants are travelling from outside Delhi, the Club has also arranged for a place to stay for fencers near Dilli haat. The stay and food is chargeable.

Fencing is an Olympic game and it is growing in popularity in Delhi/NCR and School kids, if trained well, can qualify for these games at national and international levels. Sword fencing participation and medals can also help kids in admissions in international colleges to higher their studies.

The game is not just for school kids but it can be pursued as a sports hobby by professionals. The game helps fencers build accuracy, reflex ability and agility, balancing, precision, target achieving along with physical strength. If professionals are planning to further their studies, sword fencing participation certificates add a great strength to applications for admission to international colleges.

It is perceived to be a dangerous sport for children as fencers deal with swords but this great Olympic sport is very safe. Children can start learning as young as 8 years old; sword fencing weapons are not sharp edged that it could cut or harm anybody. The uniform includes proper safety equipment that include jacket, mask (head visor), gloves and shoes.

Sunil Kumar, founder and president of PRFC who will be coordinating the class, is a young and qualified coach with the Delhi State Fencing Association. He holds a Bachelors degree in physical education from Delhi University, is a certified fencing coach from NSNIS Patiala, and attended many international training camps for sword fencing and is currently pursuing his masters in physical education from Delhi University.

He has been working hard in coordinating with Mr. Aswani Kumar and Dilli Haat Janakpuri authorities to arrange a place which is convenient and accessible to everyone in the west Delhi area as well as those travelling to Delhi. He is being helped by team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable fencers in organising this camp.

Pratibha Rana, fencing coach at Pegasus Royal Fencing Club said “Sword Fencing is one of the oldest and famous Olympic Games and it hasn’t picked up on popularity in India. Our purpose at Pegasus Royal Fencing Club is to help Kids and Professional equally train in Sword Fencing as well as be fit in James Bond style. When we try to explain what sword fencing is all about to kids and their parents, first thing that comes to their mind is James Bond in white dress with a sword. They immediately get excited to explore this sport further but at the same worried about the safety. But fencing as an Olympic games provide plenty of safety instruments and so do we.”

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