Fencing Summer Camp Starts May 18

//Fencing Summer Camp Starts May 18

Fencing Summer Camp Starts May 18

Summer holidays are here and so are countless and confusing (?!) activity classes for children. You want them off their mobile and laptop screens for some time each day. You want them to engage in healthy activity at least for an hour or two. Activity, activity everywhere but which one to choose? That is the question.

Scouting for activity classes for your children? Look no further.

Fencing is a good and unique bet. Clubs across India conduct fencing summer camps for children. Enrolling to one such can mean the difference between a boring and fun holiday for your child! Being an indoor sport, fencing means the child can stay away from the scorching summer heat. Fencing allows for a lot of activity. It is a fun way to pick up or hone several skills, all at once – thinking on one’s feet, mind-body balance, hand-eye coordination, and agility

And what more, summer camps are a good way to assess a child’s interest in pursuing the sport on a regular basis. Get started. Look for one in your city and if you are in Delhi-NCR, just click here  or contact me directly on –  +9136620050

A fencing summer camp can mean a welcome break for your child.

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