What is Sabre Sword Fencing?

//What is Sabre Sword Fencing?

What is Sabre Sword Fencing?

If you take it literally sabre is the oldest way of sword dueling. It is modified modern version of past slashing cavalry sword.

  • Like epee, Sabre weapon also has hand protection but molded as bell guard.
  • A socket for body wire is found underneath the bell guard
  • The entire standard weapon is about 41 inches and of maximum weight of 500g.
  • It is shorter than foil and epee and lighter than the epee

The target area of Sabre weapon –

  • The major difference is that sabre is a thrusting weapon as well as a cutting weapon. Which means you can not only use tip to score but the entire blade can be used to score.
  • The target area is from the bend of the hips, both front and back, to the top of the head.
  • Notice that Head and body above hips is part of the target area. This is what makes it very similar to cavalry rider on a horse.

Blade and its networking with uniform and scoring on the machine –

  • The fencer’s uniform includes a metallic jacket which is called lame
  • This covers the target area to register a valid touch on the scoring machine
  • Since the head is part of the valid target area, the mask is different from foil and epee, with a metallic covering
  • Just as in foil, there are two scoring lights on the machine. One shows a green light when a fencer is hit, and one shows a red light when the opponent has hit. Off-target hits do not register on the machine.
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