What is Épée Sword Fencing?

//What is Épée Sword Fencing?

What is Épée Sword Fencing?

The epee, pronounced as “EPP-pay” is actually a descendant of the dueling sword.

Features of foil weapon –

  • Like foil it is 35 inches in length
  • But it is heavier than foil, weighing approximately 27 ounces
  • It has larger guard to protect the hand from a valid hit
  • A stiffer blade

Target area of Épée weapon –

  • The entire body is valid target area
  • Touches are scored only with the point of blade

Uniform of a Épée fencer –

  • It includes a metallic vest which is also called Lame. It covers the valid target as explained above. The metallic vest would help register weapon tip touch on the scoring machine.
  • The blade is wired with a spring loaded tip
  • Player needs to press it beyond a pressure of 750 grams to complete the electrical circuit
  • The process of pressing the tip to complete the electrical circuit would cause the colored bulb on the scoring machine to light
  • Epee fencer’s uniform does not include a lame or torso jacket because entire body is valid target area
  • Also off-target hits do not register on the machine.

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