A Small Introduction of fencing by Yuki Ota Presention

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Fencing you see it, It’s exciting you know it, It’s even more exciting, Enhance your excitement for Fencing.

Yuki Ota Present more enjoy fencing.

Fencing consists three weapon

Epee is a tactics game the entire body is the target you score a point with every hit. you can both score simultaneously this is ultimate battle on the piste be entertain by the Marcy experience of mind game.

Fleuret (Foil) is all about precise the first on declare attack get priority to attack the torso is the target intense battle of offence and defense this is entertain composed of blade exchange of Technic and movement happen in the blink of a eye.

Sabre speed is crucial in Sabre you score a point with thrust as well as cut the upper body with dynamic sword play this is fastest fencing a single hit determine the match feel the dynamic.

Fencing feel the excitement more enjoy fencing.

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